Broc Glover, motocross champion 05-16-17 -
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Broc Glover, motocross champion 05-16-17

Glover was a charter member of the El Cajon Zone, a neighborhood that probably produced more great motocross racers than any other, and he was dubbed “The Golden Boy” because of his blond hair and his extraordinary talents. From 1976 through 1988, he was a constant force in American motocross, and he earned six AMA Motocross Championships, second-most in the record books. He earned thirty-five outdoor wins, all of them on Yamaha, where he held station as a factory rider from 1977 through ’88, marking one of the longest tenures of all. And he straddled two great decades of riders: the late seventies with men like Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, Danny LaPorte, Jimmy Weinert, Gaylon Mosier, Kent Howerton, and Steve Wise, well into the eighties, where he raced against the younger Mark Barnett, Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien, Johnny O’Mara, and his great rival David Bailey.