Doug Henry Former Racer 11-28-17 -
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Doug Henry Former Racer 11-28-17

He had his first major success in 1993 as a member of Team Honda, where he claimed the 125 East Supercross and the 125 National Championship. In 1994, he repeated as champion in the nationals, beating riders such as Steve Lamson and Ryan Hughes while battling a severe stomach ailment. He later appeared on Fox’s first motocross movie Terrafirma. He moved to the premier 250cc division for 1995, where he was immediately competitive, winning Supercross mains and outdoor overalls, before a devastating injury at Budds Creek, MD ended his season. Henry was slipping off the back of the bike on the face of a hill, inadvertently applying full throttle, launching him off the hill, causing him to fall from nearly 80 feet in the air to flat ground. Henry’s back was broken, but he suffered no paralysis. Henry raced Southwick every year to earn national points and keep his trademark national #19. He regularly finished in the top-5 on privateer Yamahas.